About Me

I am the person behind Crandall’s Corner, a promotional services company for independent musicians and small businesses.

I’ve always been part of the independent music scene, starting in high school (1986-1990) where my friends and I ran “coffeehouse” concerts to promote environmental protection, featuring bands from around Massachusetts. By college I was a trained jazz pianist and expanded my interest in music to audio production and radio dj’ing. My show during morning prime time, Crandall’s Corner, was a favorite among KAOS Radio listeners looking for independent folk and celtic tunes to start their days. My passion for radio led me to become the station’s Program Director until 1995 when I moved to Portland.

My work life in Portland started with a job at Hear Music, the predecessor to what is now a record label for Starbucks Coffee. After that stint I led a meandering path through organic produce wholesaling, tall-ship sailing, non-profit business management, communications and marketing, and finally to today’s small business Crandall’s Corner. Throughout this path I have been energized by and involved in the independent music scene in Portland as a friend and advocate of musicians, a core coordinator for events including Voices for Silent Disasters, Portland Jazz Festival, and the Rogue Bones & Brew.

Some of my most memorable musical experiences are the most unexpected and the most intimate. This is why I love independent music, where the audience can be part of the show. There are no guards, no troughs in the restrooms, no overly priced food and drink, just a room or hall full of music lovers who are there to hear some great music and discover the unexpected.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Spencer Crandall
Crandall’s Corner
Portland, OR

Promotional services for the independent musician and small business



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