iPhone apps growing in use by musicians

Well, it was a matter of time before musicians figured out how to leverage iPhone apps to connect with their fan base, and hopefully generate more revenue. Wired posted a couple of interesting articles on this subject. The first (from October), iPhone Apps Could Be the New MySpace Page, profiles artist Pink and how she had created the first truly interactive App for her fans. The author muses about how artists could create a subscription model to give fans access to all their music, and other content. $40/ year?! I don’t think so. Maybe something more reasonable. The second article (February), Major Label Acts Get Hip to Music Apps, discusses the partnership of major labels and Kyte to create compelling Apps for their fans. Cool stuff.

Now, how could an independent artist use the iPhone App format? This remains to be seen as the cost may be too high for the limited audience. Perhaps, though we could create a localized App for music fans and invite artists to be part of it, for a fee. I’d love to have an iPhone app for Portland (OR) where I could see what my favorite artists are up to. Maybe there’s a different model that could have a free ad supported version and paid version for artists who want to be able to give more content to their fans. Hmmm….intriguing.


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