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Press kits, stick with electronic for booking gigs

The Musician Wages website  posted a good article today on the uses of press kits and why you likely do not need to send something physical anymore to booking agents.

Read it.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link – glad you dig!

  2. Hi Spencer,

    The article deals with press kits for booking in particular. I think the situation in practice is very different for press and radio; if that’s also your experience you might want to clarify in your headline for readers who don’t click through…

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I made the changes. You are correct about the article, though I imagine for everyone in the biz this will also start to evolve soon.

  3. This article was reassuring and very informative. Thanks!

    If anything goes out hard-copy, I usually just stick to giving a CD and a 1-sheet to club bookers. Something tangible/memorable is nice for some of them, where as epk’s are online and not tangible unless you’re on a computer. Some club bookers are “in” with local papers and can pass on press kits with more success than some band dude. Their “word” over the band’s can be valuable. Press Kits can be expensive, so if you do go that route you need to be very selective about who you give them to… publications, radio, and those who can reach large audiences. But ePK’s are ideal in most situations, and seem to be more widely accepted these days.

    I just sent out a ton of press kits last summer to various publications for reviews and not one of them were successful. I would like to know how to reach music writers and publications better. We have a fan base so I know our music doesn’t suck, but we keep getting lost in the stacks of other bands submitting stuff to publications. Any thoughts?

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