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There is a lot to do, some great tools, but little time

As an independent musician, there are a lot of things you can do to get noticed and sell music. Tunecore, the digital distribution service (like CD Baby), has a good list to start with, though I recommend more:
1. Sign up for Reverb Nation and begin using their fan communication and analysis tools TODAY.

2. Make sure your website has Google Analytics and begin using this now. Tracking results is really important to see if what are doing has any result.

3. Sign up for Artist Data, which is a great tool for updating multiple sites at once with your gig and other info. Plus you can easily send your tour dates to press in relevant cities.

4. Put together an electronic press kit, either on your own with a PDF hosted on a site like Box.net, or use Sonic Bids, though it seems a bit expensive.

5. Gather all of the names of the music review press (as opposed to calendar staff) in your town and contact them when you have an important event or milestone in your career. And do it ahead of time.

6. If you can’t do it all, and you’re established enough to afford it and you live in Portland, Oregon contact me and we’ll work out an affordable strategy for you.

7. Sign up for my blog, Insights from Crandall’s Corner, and get a career oriented message like this about once a week.

8. Read TuneCore’s free Music Industry Survival Manual.


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