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Nick Jaina from the road writes about the importance of busking

I started reading Nick Jaina’s post on Local Cut, and couldn’t stop. He’s got some interesting tidbits in there and well, he’s a good writer, in case you didn’t know that already. Another independent musician from Portland, making his way on the road, with his band.

“I often tell people about our habit of playing on the street, and they look at me with a bemused, sort of pitying look, as though they’re talking to a homeless person or something. They apparently misunderstand the aim of our busking. Maybe they think that it is a sign of abject desperation, like we are playing for spare change so that we can buy day-old bagels as our only sustenance for the week. And then they ask if we made a couple bucks out there that particular day, and I tell them how much we actually made and their eyes light up and they say, ‘Really?’ And I say, ‘Yes, really.'”

Read more on Local Cut


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