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Fancentric Promotion for the Independent Musician

Today I was trying to wrap my head around the myriad ways that the independent musician has available today to directly and indirectly reach fans. It’s sort of astounding. The best way for me to understand this was to create a visual diagram of the fan-centered marketing and communications space for musicians. I’d love to share it with you once I set up my FTP site. For now, you’ll have to just take this little bit of insight and run with it.

I figured out that there are 12 areas that indie bands today need to focus on at some point in their careers when they get serious about success. In these 12 areas are a slew of strategies and targets to make the whole thing work and to support your brand. A valuable exercise for you right now is to look at each of these areas and see if you are succeeding or not, and if not, discover why, and if you need help reach out to people you know who can assist. Here are the 12 areas. By the way, in my meeting today with Kill Rock Stars I presented my diagram along with my services brochure and they found it to be very helpful. Have fun!

“How can _________ help me to reach more fans?”

The Band Website (the core of your brand)
The Social Web
Live Shows
Fan Interaction
The Band
Web Streams
Web Stores
Retail Stores
Digital Distributors
Record Label

PS > I can’t get this Blind Pilot video out of my head. The song and video are just so cool, simple, unexpected and catchy. Shot on location in Portland, Oregon it looks like.


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